Monday, January 14, 2008

Halla Bol

Over the weekend i watched Halla Bol , a film starring Ajay Devagan and Vidhya Balan(though non existent).I definitely liked the movie because it actually made me think what was happening to the society .Though the first half of the movie doesn't have the audience hooked up,but the second half definitely is a must watch.Few questions for which i haven't got answers yet
1)Why is our society deep rooted with corruption and crime
2)Why isn't law able to do anything to remove the anti social elements
3)Why are the citizens scared to oppose what is wrong
4)Why are people forgetting that they are humans and acting like beasts just for money
5)Why are the rich getting richer and powerful and the poor have nothing and no one to go to.

As a citizen i definitely would want to do something for the society.With the crime growing day by day people killing just for mere 10 RS,the growing number of orphans and homeless near the traffic signals,farmers writing letters to president for a permission to commit suicide,children working in great hardships rather than enjoying their childhood,Politicians acting shameless by involving in scams making money from grass to whatnot....when will all this ever end.My heart just suffers in pain watching people suffer and my anger has exceeded its limit as to why no one is able to do anything.

I definitely would want to " Halla Bol" against all the specified things above and i am sure one day i will definitely do and do my bit in cleaning up the society.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

To be or not to be!

Character the most important thing for a person.He gets judged based on that,he makes friends based on that n enemies can take you to greater heights or pull you down deep.I was just wondering if one should be themselves n not care about what others think of it (I guess thats what means "Be Yourself")or tweek it in such a way according to the situation or according to the people around you.Say i am a quiet person by nature and not extrovert....does that mean i be myself n dont care a shit as to what people think of me or should i take that extra effort n take steps to talk to people so that people dont think that i am a boring person.Everyone who is reading this would definitely say option 2.That was just a simple one now say i hate a person but he would be the only person who could help me so do i just turn the plate around and be nice to him till the work gets done ok!now this is management according to few and being fake according to the others.One could face many such situations in a day but people who turn around are the most succesfull people.And those whose do i always wonder how they do that so smartly because every time i tried i am just half way through the effort i feel why the hell am i doing this i am not this person i should not try not to be me!!such confusing shit@#$%.I dont want to strain myself any more shall leave it here n see if i have any comments or advice on this.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Its not fair!!

I have been observing people their likes dislikes,talents,looks etc etc.......I did notice one thing god has provided all the good things to few people and nothing to many people.I had obeserved (atleast in BITS) that the people with great brains where among the best looking people on campus and had enough or rather more than enough money.Its so unfair some people study hard day and night and get equally the same marks as those people who study overnight now i dont understand why people say "there is no shortcut other than hardwork".Sometimes it does hurt when i see people who dont achieve even after putting in loads of effort and some people winning over things even after partying all night.My heart was broken the other day when i saw a teenager who lives on street smoking away to glory with clothes torn .The saddest part was he smokin with the fire part inside his mouth(god knows why he did that!!i am not exagerating)...i felt miserable.Here there are children who are born with a golden spoon wearing dresses worth thousands and wasting loads of money just for fun and there are kids who dont even have the basic necessities.I really cant understand if should be happy and be thankfull to god that he has provided me with evrything or be angry with him for making such a discrimination.Why should some people enjoy all the luxuries and be happy and why should some suffer crying their hearts out.Its really i wish i could scream out to god saying "ITS NOT FAIR".

Monday, January 02, 2006

new year -things to achieve

Every year i had new year resolutions but in vain i never ever did justice to this year i am puttin it up here so that atleast i will try to achieve them for the fact that otherwise i will have to answer all those people who read this...
to begin with things in top priority....

1.Get a nice job or rather jobs in the campus placements.
2.To meet and tell parents too.....
3.To make a 10 atleast in the last sem.
4.To study for GRE daily.
5.Try not be moody and not to hurt people by remaining silent.

Guesss this much is enuf for this year....hope i achieve all these plsssssssss wish me good luck.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

When life gives you surprises..!!

This is the story of a very normal girl on whom life starts showering pleasant surprises.

There lived this girl whose life was pretty normal usual struggling hard to get things working in her life ...very limited friends....pretty average brains...loved sports a lot...
Suddenly life decided to shine in her life.The very next moment she got introduced to this guy whom she never thought would talk to. As she was reserved she dint talk much though she was very excited within.Then to her surprise suddenly one day that guy called her ...her happiness knew no bounds.....her excitement within initiated her to talk n talk was a pretty normal talk as to guy askin if she remembers him ..and the girl telling how happy she was to talk to him.After the call she was surprised at herself as to how she could talk so much and that too to a person who is no less than a stranger.She thought it jus happened and left the issue there.
As if the life wanted to make her more happy the guy called her at 11:30 pm jus before her bday and said he wanted to be the first one to wish on her bday.It seemed as if evry person in the world cared for her .Then started comin the mails of the guy...and she dint even dream about that .She gussed her classes and started chatting and mailing him.Soon they became real good friends ...Then came a day when the guy asked her then the girl liked him loads and couldnt think of anything else but him.Then the day had finally arrived when they were destined to meet.The girl was filled with many feelings...feelings of happiness,feelings of doubt...and little fear.She moved herself to the place where she was to meet him.By the time she reached the guy was already waiting for her...and the very sight brought in a bright smile on her cute little face.The guy who has been waiting for her slowly lifted her head to watch her walkin towards him soon as she reached he jus got up looked up smiled at her and hugged her tight and proposeed to her.The girl jus stood surprised and quiet for some time.Then thought this was the right time to express her feelings too...and said that she loved him too and that he added more meaning to her life .

Now do love stories really work out or is this jus bcos of age ....
to be completed tommorow(need to finish documentation of code today...!!:( )

Friday, November 25, 2005

Treated like a queen!!

Just imagine some one likes you so much that they cant see you sad even for a moment...they would do anything to make you happy....they are there to take care of you every moment ......they are there to buy you evrything that you want.....they are there to listen to when you want to talk....they are there to jump up in joy when you are happy ...they are there to feel bad along with you when you are in distress....they are there to make you laugh even by doing the silliest of things if you enjoy it....they are there to motivate you that yes you can do it....they are there to warn you that what you are doing is wrong and may lead you in to troubles......they are there to build confidence in you saying i am with you evry moment just go ahead....
Believe me its just amazing to have a such a person in life...because i am experiencing it.I really want to thank god for giving me so much happiness in life and that person too who makes me feel on the top of the world and treats me like a queen.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

silence when hurt!!

Since childhood i have this habit of remaining silent when some one hurts me.....this habit of mine had lead to many adverse effects.It has always been that whenever i am hurt by anybody i would never be able to tell the person or any one as to who hurt me or why i was hurt..just for the simple reason that i used to feel and even feel now that the person would feel bad for saying that u hurt me.Just to avoid that person from feeling bad i used to keep it to myself.But that sadness couldnt be kept inside as one cant hide feelings ...that sadness used to vent out in the form of silence.This i know would have hurt many people as they bang their head as to why i was not talking ...and tested the patience of many people as they would be tired of asking why i was silent.Still knowing all the facts that the person wouldnt understand until i tell it has never been easy for me to tell the reason for my sadness.I dont know if anyone else would be going through this but trust me i am finding very difficult to get over it when i thouroughly know that i am hurt and i am hurting the other person.